14 Responses to “Colton Haynes Holding Hands With Gay Co-Star”

  1. Sweet Sugah Dumplin' Chil says:

    46 yr old Daddy and 24 yr old son more like it hehehee

  2. MauiKane says:

    John Barrowman is married to Scott Gill, a British architect.
    So, unless he has divorced him, John was just having fun with Colton. I guess Colton’s reaction tells us he wants to remain in the closet, or just (ahem) camera shy.

  3. matt b says:


    this is how it starts

    next thing you know they got his and his towels

  4. Martin says:

    John has always been a big tease….Colton is “acting” shocked…why??? I’m sure this was a Planned thing, because Colton seems to really “like” John…..

  5. I adore Colton Haynes in Arrow. He’s so gorgeous!

  6. Alec says:

    Psh, Colton should be so lucky.

    But yeah, total closet case. It’s a shame too, because he kind of got pushed back into the closet when Teen Wolf came out. I’d respect him so much more if he’d just come out officially.

  7. Dearlylovedaimee says:

    Even though I believe that Colton is capital G-Gay, this was just for laughs. By his own accounts, John is happily married to Scott. I can’t picture him messing that up by having an affair with a kid half his age.

  8. Persayal (@Persayal) says:

    You can’t hide your gay in the presence of John Barrowman, Colton!

  9. Gibbs says:

    don’t have a problem with that.. they’re so cute together anyways! and colton, he’s just oooozing sexyness!!!!!

  10. Martin says:

    super sexy duo…

  11. Jackie says:

    I think John was just having some fun, but I hope he’s a good role model to Colton and that Colton will come out of the closet soon so he too can be a role model.

  12. Alan says:

    Now there’s a fantasy that I wouldn’t mind imagining in my head.
    But it’s obviously a joke. Nonetheless I do believe Colton is gay, or at least bisexual, but John Barrowman wouldn’t risk his own marriage for him.

    • Sehsit Howetis says:

      Honey wake up! Colton a queen B all day long and night. Yes it stands for bottom honey. It’s hilarious you thought he’s bi?! haha

  13. Mookie says:

    Guys, they planned this.
    John said let’s give them a show
    and Colton went along. Heard this
    from his own mouth. He wasn’t trying
    to out him! John is a decent person
    And would never do that to anyone.
    Colton is gay and wants to keep his career
    So he won’t be coming out anytime soon. He
    Would lose his massive female following. He’s
    A smart dude. Also, john is happily married
    so there never was a romance between them!

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