3 Responses to “Nick Gruber Dishes Details of His Relationship with Calvin Klein”

  1. Sweet Sugah Dumpling Child says:

    He is not that hot or interesting…
    Always avoided the Nick Gruber type had one sexual act with a 20 year old from TX and he wanted the money, fancy clothes, drinks, be seen but also wanted to be with guys and girls… he got his porn deal after I took his pics and bought him clothes for the photo shoot left him after he did not remain at a party but went to LA for an orgy… he his now 26 years old and looks older than me and I am just turning 30 on DEC 8th

  2. robert says:

    he sooooo desperately wants to stay relevant

    soo soo sad

  3. Martin says:

    Pathetic, Man-tramp…..he is so Narcasstic…. Sex to him doesn’t involve love..it’s all $$$ for Nick !!

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