8 Responses to “Updated: Colton Haynes sighting with cousin in LA”

  1. Max says:

    wow. poor chap can’t even hit starbucks with a buddy without you blogging he’s gay.
    besides, the pics are like a week old already AND tumblr bloggers recently were forced to delete previously posted comments about colton haynes being gay, because his lawyers filed protest. be careful what you post buddy. just sayin…

  2. Rio says:

    Colton wants to hide his gay past because he hates being labeled gay. Be true to yourself man!

  3. Max says:

    he has no gay past, dear god, the photos are from a modeling job for a gay magazine. get a brain.

  4. Max says:

    besides I would hate it to, being labeled gay if I’m not.

  5. marky says:

    he’s gay

  6. Martin says:

    Marky and Rio are correct, but i agree that Colton needs to have some space….

  7. Max says:

    post update
    the hottie with Colton is his cousin, David Lewis.

  8. SizeQueen says:

    Umm,..COLTON is strickly “Gay for Pay”, mmhmm,…You pay to ‘blow him’ and he’ll use the money to take out his “girlfriend”. MMMHMM 😛

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