8 Responses to “Louis Tomlinson Denies Gay Relationship with Harry Styles”

  1. malik says:

    oh come on!!!

    they are soooo doing it

  2. Roy says:

    Doing it or not it isn’t really our business. If he is gay or straight so what? Think about what it would do to the band’s careers if they are gay and they came out? A lot of parents would stop their daughters from listening to the band because of their “sinful” ways and leading young people to think it is okay for them to be “dirty faggots.” I don’t like it when people live in the closet anymore than the next gay person but what I really don’t like is when people lose their livelihood for coming out.
    Anyway I also know several straight guys that act the way these two young men act towards each other. They are close friends and just leave it at that for their sakes.
    If you are right and they are let them come out when it won’t land them in the unemployment line for god knows how long, and let the rest of us who don’t have jobs dependent on our sexuality fight to end the bigotry.

    • Tommy-E says:

      Very good answer.
      Maybe someone should explain to him, that acting in public like a gay is not a good idea for a straight to persuade people of being not gay.

    • Directionerforlife says:

      Omg you are stupid
      It called BROMANCE so shut up if you where famous and was in a boy band and y’all had bromance and people called YOU gay I bet you wouldn’t like that would you Roy!?!!!!
      If you don’t like to be called gay, that’s what I thought!
      If so you don’t care to be called gay, then ok
      But Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Naill aren’t gay they just have bromance


      • Melony says:

        And here we have a closed-minded fangirl who is so obsessed with being the next Mrs. Styhoralikpaynlinson to even THINK that two of her favorite bandmembers might be together. (Not calling her a homophobe in any way!!). You sound like a carrot and a Calderic 😛 I’m pretty sure no one in the world would be that surprised if they found out that at least one of those boys liked boys.

  3. Ali says:

    They may say that they aren’t and everything but it’s reeeeeaaaaally hard to go against it when they have a lot of pictures of them together and a few kissing.

  4. Martin says:

    i believe him, but he doesn’t make it easy to believe when he’s so Touchy-feely with Harry…you can be mates (friends) without putting your hands all over your buddy !!

  5. cami says:

    Hy diosssss no nos gay ninguno de los dos son amigos y punto que insoportables, loco, son reee tontos todos ya quiern invertar rumores falso solamente por demostrar que son amigos y se quieren mucho. Lo mismo pasa con todas las bandas de hombres ya lo creen gay hahahaha que gente estupida por favor gracias desde ya a y queria decir que “por gente estupida” lo decia en general nadie se sienta perceguido =) FOREVER DIRECTIONER ♥♥

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