4 Responses to “Stephen Amell Shares Gay Beginnings”

  1. Dickie doo in San Diego says:

    gimme gimme

  2. Martin says:

    i like that Stephen is very Open minded and isn’t freaked out playing Gay…

  3. Piddle says:

    Talk about a backtrack, it’s easy for him to say all this now, but at the time the reason given for him leaving Dante’s Cove was because they were taking the character in a gay direction and he wasn’t comfortable with that. It was all anyone talked about at the time. How soon we forget, eh?

    Then…whatdya know, Hung was canceled before his foray into gay scenes. He probably would’ve backed out of that, too. The dude reeks of homophobia.

  4. Alex says:

    Con un brazo de esos, te da un guantazo y ya no hay culo que se resista a sus deseos.

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