2 Responses to “The hot guys of ‘Mi Vida en Sayulita’, photos + trailer”

  1. Dickie doo in San Diego says:

    Ugh, white bread is so boring… too much of the same old images over and over and over just like a reality show
    The world too many other beautiful people to only see the same looking white people again and again
    It is almost 2013 and this is all they can produce A&F style stale wonder bread no wonder gays are having gay K9 sex and racial inequality still lives on, advertising aryan nation 101
    So much for the melting pot

  2. Martin says:

    are you serious??? where the heck was the “white bread” in this??? They were all Latinos and Latinos are not “white bread”.. that’s Racist and seriously, I admire that they are reaching out to a Vastly Growing Community…At least, they are using Subtitles for those who don’t speak Espanol….I’m glad that there is another HILLS and LAGUNA BEACH for different ethnicities

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