36 Responses to “Hot couple alert: Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin”

  1. Argle Bargle says:

    Damn! I’d love to see these two hook up.

  2. Martin says:

    so would I and it would be a Blast if Dylan’s Character was the “ALPHA” in their sexual relationship

  3. Ali says:

    Ohhhh so sexeh

  4. Jaimie says:

    Honestly I had always caught hints that they liked each other, being that it be a platonic relationship or something more, it’s just that often these characters don’t want to admit it and that’s why so many fans see that as “denying their love for each other”. I’m not writing them off completely though, because there is quite a bit of sexual tension that seems to play here and it would be so great if these two could possibly explore that possibility. They’re my one and only OTP

  5. Whitney says:

    It would be interesting to know how the actors feel about possibly taking the fandom relationship and turning it into a canon. Would they possibly be up for the challenge of portraying that kind of relationship on screen? Well like Jake Gyllenhaal said: “You know, it’s flattering when there’s a rumor that says I’m bisexual. It means I can play more kinds of roles. I’m open to whatever people want to call me. I’ve never really been attracted to men sexually, but I don’t think I would be afraid of it if it happened.” To think that an actor is willing to go to such lengths despite preferences and attractions and take their acting career to new heights. I say it makes them well-rounded artists who aren’t afraid of what is thrown at them. They are talented enough to do it all.

  6. wolff says:

    dude this aint got nothing gay in it, their characters do interact but women prefer them straight, this are just gay fantasies to you guys

  7. sonya says:

    There’s a HUGE fangirl fandom who ship usually only males together. It looks hot and romantic and cute, in most fangirl’s opinions. (I really like it myself, too. Because who doesn’t? But ofc there’s some who don’t)
    I’d say it’s kind of the same with some men liking lesbians… But not exactly, anymore. I think lol

    Haven’t yet watched teen wolf…

  8. i think it would be awsome to have a couple like that on this type of show im gay myself and im proud to say it plus theres not to many big shows that would even think about matching to guys to be togeather as bfs i say go for it…go sterek,,but deff dylan you are my favorite character i look up too you in the show itself…It seems as you would be just as cool and funny in person just as your character!!

  9. Sabrina says:

    THIS IS ALL A LIE!! They do not have a relationship. If you watched the video, it’s a lie. The part where Derrick says “Why are you worrying about me?” and Stiles says “Ok. Maybe a little.” is a lie. Stiles actually says “I’m not scared of you. Ok. Maybe a little.” Derrick tells him that he should be worrying about Scott because Scott could shape-shift in front of the whole crowd at the Lacrosse game. Stiles doesn’t get mad when Erica kisses Derrick. That part is 2 different scenes. WATCH THE EPISODES PEOPLE!!
    -TEEN WOLF!!

    • Lauryn says:

      Dude, it’s built of manips. It’s a video, not the whole story of Sterek. Welcome to YouTube, sweetie.

    • sterek says:

      honey……it just our’s fantasies so why bugged up…….out of 100% 90% people love them as a couple n wanna see them 2gether as lover’s in season so wat’s ur prob just enjoy the suspense,romance n thrill of the serial…..P.S plz make them as lover’s in season 3……………i beg of u davis……TEEN WOLF ROCK……………..howl……………….

  10. tyler says:

    Well they could pull it off but the nobly thing I’m wanting to happen is either derek or Scott to bit stiles and make him a wear wolf I see all the pain he goes through yes hes the human but he wouldn’t have to get beating all the time he could b a werewolf and fight becuz lets b honest here hes a great character but he could b more than just stiles he could defend for his self and others without havering to depend on everyone to save him yes hes gonna need help and with the right training he could actually become unique well than on to what y’all our talking bout bout derek and stiles stiles he Dnt look gay but yes they will go higher n there buisnes if they tryed to give it a try I wish I could b on teen wolf I would do anything that I can just to be on that tv shoe to meet everybody they seem like fun caring loving people that u wnt to b a round and I would love to just get invited or they send me a picture with there names I would love that well that’s it for today

  11. Jazz says:

    I don’t understand why every relationship like this between to characters automatically means they have “sexual tension”… I sure didn’t see it like that and thank you SO much for planting that in my head. Thanks. Now it’s ruined hilarious scenes between those two. 😛 It’s like saying Joey and Chandler from Friends were meant to be lovers… which is really stupid because Joey is a skirt-chaser.
    Derek is just a grumpy person who sees that Stiles is easily manipulated because he’s a big chicken.

  12. They’ve good together :)

  13. KinkyKev says:

    I much prefer a straight bromance than a real “gay” hook-up. If they want to introduce a hot, gay werewolf character, then by all means do so (and they kinda sorta have already this season, but probably won’t be a central plot line or anything). And they do already have a minor supporting gay character (or, wait, was that in Vampire Diaries . . or True Blood? I get my supernatural TV shows mixed up! LOL!).

  14. Lester says:

    Frankly, I watch this show just because of the hot guys. But Stiles is very definitely straight, has been in love with the same girl since forever. To just have him have a fling with a guy trivialize the struggles of gay teens. If you want to have a gay couple on your show, add some gay characters.

    • Mal says:

      What? That’s not true at all. To introduce him as attracted to men would open up the door for a struggle we don’t often see in television: that of the BISEXUAL teen. There are several hints to Stiles bisexuality throughout the series, as the writer of the show stated. Yes he has been in love with Lydia since a young age, but part of bisexuality means he would also be attracted to…you know women? Also, sexuality is not always as solid as you are making it out to be. It can be (though not necessarily always) fluid. It’s not uncommon for a teen to have an attraction to women initially and then slowly transition into only being attracted to men. Puberty and the growth into adulthood is a tumultuous time and does not work the same for everyone. In fact, this can happen well into adulthood as well. To take the “struggle of homosexuality” and condense it down to only people who have known their sexuality from a very young age is misrepresenting the entire community. On top of that you are completely overshadowing the struggle of the bisexual, the pansexual, the asexual, the demisexual, the transsexual, and even those who simply identify as “open minded”.

    • sarah says:

      stiles is not definitely straight…i mean read the damn article, even the creator says he’s hinted at the possibility of stiles being bisexual. and given the latest episode of teen wolf, where stiles responds to somebody asking him if he likes guys with a contemplative silence, i’d say it’s at least a 75% surety that bisexual is where the show is taking stiles at this point.

  15. WOooolfffffff says:

    I really wanted to see Derek with a beautiful and sexy girl…
    But anyway it could be a great scene too..:P
    Hope it will have a lot of suspense,emotion and wolf packs

  16. Trancer says:

    He is only 24? Damn hot!!!

  17. skylar says:

    There so Danm cute , freak what people if they love eachother they love eathother so let it be. There both hot perfection

  18. Isabel evans says:

    are you guys crazy
    who in their right mind want a guy and a guy to hook up
    it will be utterely stupid of tyler and dylan to hook up
    and if they are made to hook up it had better not be put in teenwolf if not im not watching it again…..GOD created adam and then eve..he didnt create adam and a guy..please guys need girls and girls need guys..stop trying to hook two men up

    • Jenks says:

      Good to know the bigoted belief in a book of fairy tales is still alive and well. Take your opinions elsewhere they’re not welcome here.

    • Nick says:

      The show would probably be a BIGGER hit if they hook up. I don’t watch the show personally, but I definitely would if they did.

    • Nick says:

      omg, another religious jesus freak. Stop it already, we live in the 21st century…get over it.

    • sarah says:

      okay i’m not going to touch the moral issue of your statement, but seriously, it’s a tv show. god didn’t create werewolves, either.

  19. Martin says:

    it would be awesome. buyt not likely !!

  20. memezip says:

    Hmmm if there were sex scence on it… T_T . Very good chemistry with this two lovers in this show.. Ill always support them. Im into it.. its so matter you know even it doesnt matter but i have a feelings to create anything i want… Keep it up guys..

  21. sterek says:

    when stile funny but cute personality n derek rough but charming personality clash 2gether….omg:-!:$can’t wait 4r da 3rd season……
    Make me more hungerious for the serial……TEEN WOLF::::::::HOWL………loudly…….:-o…….it’ll be more popular than japanese manga………

  22. redhottstile says:

    Stiles and derrick.make.a.good couple snd.they might hsve feelings.for each other.let them im bi and.proud.dont.judge people.god.is for that love.u stiles and derrick date if u want to freak those people get in your way

  23. james says:

    The sexual relationship of Stiles and Derek still hasn’t happened, so disappointed

    Please Jeff Davis,
    Make it happen when Derek comes back…..

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