2 Responses to “William Levy’s Lawsuit Dismissed”

  1. stickstr8up says:

    Why would anyone want to sue William Levy for sexual battery??? Hell, I would sue him for NOT assaulting me sexually! That bitch should be so grateful and honored for the opportunity to give such a beautiful man the pleasure he deserves!

  2. ChampagnePapi says:

    It’s a lie and I hope he does sue and gets his 10 million some people need to be made an example of. Why would he have sex with her knowing she’s 17? He’s rich,famous, and had kids. I mean its common sense why would he risk that. Also, I think the mom told her to do so that they could sue him and she did work for him she knew things about him. I say the mom told her to do it she went to talk to him. It was a set up of something but William levy is right. He’s the good guy. Why don’t you go to the mom and asked her why she let her go with him? Or who was responsible for her that night?

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