5 Responses to “Marc Fitt for ‘Coverboy’ Magazine”

  1. stickstr8up says:

    This guy is so perfect he looks like a mannequin.

  2. JC says:

    Perfect is in the eye of the beholder… I adore his brother instead!

  3. Martin says:

    Both Fitts are nice eye candy !

  4. Joey says:

    Actually, his name is
    Marc Andre Bernard. Fitt is fake name. His Facebook Profile has the URL of Marc Andre Bernard but the name of his profile is Marc Fitt. My guess is that Fitt is just used to promote his personal training. He is not related to Michael Fitt.

  5. MikeyNYC says:

    Michael Fitt’s last name is also not his real name (its “Santos”, so they definitely aren’t related. Unfortunately, at least so far, Michael Fitt is the only one of them that has done any “n ude modeling”. Since Marc is becoming popular as a mainstream model, the odds that he would do any n ude modeling aren’t good.

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