2 Responses to “Anthony Gallo, Chris Whelan and Diogo De Castro Gomes for ‘C-IN2’ underwear (pics + video)”

  1. JC says:

    Hah! Realistically how many white guys have Asian or Black friends.
    How many guys just hang out wearing tight briefs around each other… thank goodness for fantasies.
    Even an underwear party wouldn’t have a group of diverse guys, just go to the gay clubs observe the white guys with their shirts off with other white guys with their shirts off— no Asians or Blacks integrated in their little group, hmmm there is still segregation in 2012 even amongst the gays hollering about acceptance, equality and tolerance more like hypocritical homos.

  2. diana mines says:

    How beautiful to behold,

    ow wonderful to dream of you:

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