2 Responses to “Grant Gustin twitter pics”

  1. JC says:

    He’s GAY… straight guys are quick to say they are not gay…
    Some gay guys that are rather hesitant about being Out n Real(Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper, just to name a few only after making their $$$$$$)
    Loud applause for the gays that readily admit their sexual orientation and share their stories… even guys that are straight but have gay brothers (Colin Farrell and Chris Evans) are quick to admit they are not gay BUT support their gay family/friends and the GLBT community…

  2. Knight says:

    A buddy of mine met him @ The Gin Mill in NYC (Upper West Side)and they had sex last year; suffice it to say, he’s BI at the very least. My friend said Grant is very attractive in person & had a cool aura about him; and for a skinny dude he is surprisingly well-endowed w/big dangling balls.

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