5 Responses to “Kit Harington & Jason Momoa shirtless in ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere”

  1. steve slack says:


  2. Leo says:

    i’m just waiting for her douchey brother to die

  3. Bxtreme says:

    U and me both, Leo. I’m really impressed by the adaptation they’ve done. Very true to the source material.

  4. Andy70 says:

    Wow, Kit Harington has the nicest abs and cutest face of the three boys in the first pic (portraying Jon Snow, left boy). Gods, what a hottie. I’m surprised the entire Wall doesn’t melt with him nearby.

  5. KinkyKev says:

    I look at these pictures now (June, 2014) and remember those early, simple days of GoT and it makes me a little sad. One character dead, one castrated and loony tunes, and the other almost always covered with lots and lots of clothing.

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