7 Responses to “Sam Witwer shirtless in ‘Being Human’”

  1. Mase says:

    Love this man

  2. Curefreaky says:

    he’s hot, too bad the show is a stale, incoherent, and a cheap worthless knock-off of the still running original version from the BBC

  3. Bxtreme says:

    Great, except, since he’s a vampire, why is he holding his breath?

  4. Angel says:

    I’m so in love with him and his wolf room mate sexxy sexxy sexxy

  5. Maria says:

    Very HOT!!!!!!

  6. this is aryo says:

    ive started watching being human only bcuz of him oh god hes so hot love his hairy chest, the show is trash tho but it turns me on more than porno does

  7. Martin says:

    Loved him since the both of them made appearences on SMALLVILLE…

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